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I HAVE character, I'm not A character

Feminine, dominant, beautiful goddess of art and creativity will use you as a plaything whatever way she sees fit. If you don't have it in you to read the words on this page, then you're not my kind of guy.

I love to break it to you boys-- I'm not one of these teenage skanks scrounging around selling her body because she's too lazy and stupid to acheive anything.

I'm a real woman, completely aware of my power over men. I have a life, and a career. I own property. I'm financially independent. I don't need you.

I get to be creative and my career is a labor of love. I do my art only for myself. Others see it and love it and that is very rewarding. Getting paid large sums of money for my works is outstanding. I get to treat myself to wonderful things in the world simply because I am an artist and get supported to stay one. I don't have to do anything else. As far as making a living from my uncompromised artistic vision is concerened- Of course I get to be compensated for being me.

A slave will never ask to see my art. A slave is not worthy of the chance to behold a thing I create from my soul. you see what I want you to see.

I'm not used to dealing with broke dicks. I expect you to have the money and I don't expect to hear otherwise. As far as what you pay to talk to me, that's on you. Don't ask me for free minutes. Free? ME??? I don't care if you don't have enough. Don't bother me if you don't have enough. Thank your lucky stars if I let you call me again. Consider yourself an art project of mine.

My work does keep me busy. Sometimes I am wrapped deep in my projects and you will have to wait until I am free again. No whining and crying when I am busy and not interested in listening to your dick talk perverted to me on the phone. If I am expending energy creating something beautiful, believe me, you're not even a blip at that point.

I love a good mind game.

A slave is not my friend. I am addressed as Miss Bennet by my slaves.

A slave is far beneath real people in my life and will never get to be in my real life.

There is no topping from the bottom.

I will not wrestle you into submission.

I am not into leather dungeon shit.

you don't even think about telling me what to say.