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leaf graphic $13.88 A work Slave Relationship
Just another day at the office. Your sexy hot Blonde boss Jennifer is sneaking away to the supply closet. You hope that you can confess your sexual craving for her and maybe she will feel the same and a hot steamy romance can start there in the suppply closet, but you find her not getting supply's but opening the door to a secret room. She tells you that its like a little oasis at the office. With a maid to make lunch and a little room to rest although she used the term slave, it slipped. You thought it was odd but maybe the two of you can play in there. She laughs at how pathetic you were to think that and she you into jerking.. Her tits are so big you always loved them, now its all about wether you can resist the urge to cum to her tits. You cum, she makes you a slave in her secret room, if you dont than you have lunch and gain access to her oasis, Kind of easy right? well.. With her huge massive tits in your face, and your ragging hard cock this might be the end of your old life and the start of something new.
leaf graphic $13.88 The Cards Choose your fate ( masturbation card game )
The gmae is simple. You start jerking and if a jack or king shows you jerk faster.Queen means stop and any regular cards you jerk for the amount of seconds that card shows by the number. Ace is 10.. the point of hte game is to last through the whole deck. If you win than you get to cum on my tits, if you loose you have to cum in your mouth. What makes this even better is that you have to jerk off over your mouth the entire game. So if you pre cum you eat it. if you loose you eat it,. Enjoy good luck.