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Princess Carissa Uses Wimps

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Play my raise-the-rate pay-to-view email game.

9/2012 *NEW* Princess Carissa Pictures

I am the wallet raping specialist! I know you are addicted to this and I am going to have you addicted to me! I'll take every bit of cash and then max out your credit cards, leaving you with nothing and laughing about it the whole time. you will spend everything on me starting with your paycheck, moving on to maxing out your credit cards and then draining your life savings! you won't be able to pay your bills. you won't be able to eat. The pain you feel from hunger will only make me laugh even more! you will lose your family, your home, everything that you have ALL because you are an addict and will do anything for that addiction: ME!

This week my fun night: SATURDAY night!!
Get ready 'cuz here I come!

E-mail me to start my pay-to-view financial draining and verbal abuse game.

Grab a drink, load up your account and get ready to join my pay-to-view party!

I'm so hot and you're so weak!


I'm still doing it!


AHAHAA! Thanks for the laughs! It's even more fun to take it all and then watch losers cry about it because they realize they are sooo insignificant. High-5's all around ;)