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Sugar Princess

Cute Blonde College Student *go me*

Well- well- well what have we here? Let me guess- you are alone at the office? The wife is out shopping because you need time to jerk off? Or better yet, you are lonely and the only way to even get the attention of a chick is to pay your way to her heart?

Newsflash fag..... I'm the girl you will fall in love with and I'll totally screw with your mind and finances.

I'm one of the hottest blonde princesses around and will make your heart melt at my every word. You won't be able to escape my cute as a button voice or bratty sex appeal. I know your stiffy is bulging in your pants at the thought of having me near you just so you can at least smell my pretty naturally long blonde hair.

I always get my way with men. Especially the old ones who pop viagara just to trampoline on their wives until they pass out..haha. I am stronger than viagara bitches. When you find yourself jumping like a good boy to read my pay to view mails and assignments you are sure to stay hard, frustrated, and aroused at what is to come next. Who needs an ole hag to hunch over when you have my hot young body to tease and deny you. To jizz in my prescence is a rare treat. Buying me a stupid new dishwasher or frumpy sweater won't work. I like high end shoes, purses, and traveling with my friends. The only way obtain my attention is paying for it. Period.

I don't like morons who are too chicken to spend cash in the joint savings. LOL Eventually I will plot to make sure she is out of the picture anyhow. I am obnoxious, spoiled, yet a very cool Princess. I always get my way and will exploit your fetish to get whatever I want even if I have to blackmail you *evil smiles* Now as I was saying earlier...which reason is why your stupid little dick is buzzing with excitement? Hmmmmm???

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