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Erotic Hypnosis at it's Best!

Curious? I bet you are. The question, "does it really work?" is running through your head right now I bet. Could it be that I can take you under and control your mind so much that I can make your fantasies come true? Could it be that I could own your will so much that you will do just about anything for me? Can I force you, with just my words, to live out those taboo fetishes that you have always wanted to, but didnt have the nerve to even try? Only one way to find out...

I have been a hypnotist entertainer for quite some times. I'm the lady who would put parts of the crown under with nothing more than the power of suggestion. I mad grown Christain men, mount other men and pretend they were their wives, just for a few laughs out of the audience. Needless to say, I know what I am doing.

What you need to expect is... at least a twenty to thirty minute call. I won't hypnotize you in a five minute session, so don't ask. Make sure your account has enough money in it so we don't get cut off halfway through a session.

You must be in a quiet, preferably dark place. Your sofa or bed are the best places to perform hypnosis, because they are the two places you naturally relax at.

Save time, be naked when you call. Strip yourself of anything that will keep you in this realm.

You can light a candle if you want. I have been asked quite a bit if you need candles. It's more for your relaxation than anything. I will do "candle hypnosis" on request only. Where we actually use a candle to take you under, or I should say the flames. I normally only reserve this technique for people who have the crutch of needing a visual to be hypnotized. I will try to remove you from that crutch as we go. Free yourself, hypnosis doesn't need props.