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Goddess Diablo

Shut Your Bitch Mouth & Get on Those Knees!

Mistress Diablo Controls You, Your Mind, & Your Cock

I am Mistress Diablo, the most gorgeous, seductive, sophisticated -& ruthless- woman you will ever have the pleasure to meet. For my amusement, I will use and abuse you until I am satisfied. And that’s not all…

See, I know how it makes a pitiful bitch of a man like yourself drool and get rock hard when you are dressed up like a sissy whore, and I will use that knowledge to slither inside your head & mindfuck you until you beg me to dress you up like a filthy slut. You will learn to crave my strap-on lessons and yearn for the day I allow you to wrap your horny slut lips around a real cock. You will beg me to make you do things you only dream of because you are too spineless to do them yourself. If you refuse or resist me, I will not hesitate to use harsh punishment or blackmail in order to get my way – and it’s my way or no way!

Do not think for a moment that I will accept anything but obedience and respect. I will not. You are here to entertain me in any twisted way I choose, whether I make you dress like a dirty panty slut, force you to suck a fat cock, order you to ass fuck yourself or make you punish your cock & balls for me. Either way, I will taunt, tease, & torture you until you are begging me to let your worthless cock shoot it’s little load – or maybe you will plead for me to order you out in search of a glory hole so you can gobble down a mouthful of sticky cum. If you grovel & plead enough, I may –or may not!- give you my permission to stroke that pitiful nub or seek out a big black cock to suck. However, those ultimate privileges will cost you dearly. Pay for them -& every treasured second of my time- you will. You will pay until it hurts because I have become your newest addiction, and you will pay or do whatever is necessary to get your fix.

Yes. You will be so eager for my guidance that you will gladly submit to my ridicule, humiliation, and degradation of you, calling you out and torturing you for being such a shameless, cocksucking, sissy cumwhore. You will learn to live for this…

A Tangled Web From Which You Will Not Escape...

Under my hypnotic spell, you will find yourself being drawn into the greatest depths of sissy fag fantasy, which you simply cannot resist. You will discover you have no control over your urgent drive to do as I order you - and enough will never be enough. I am your obsession; pleasing me is your compulsion.