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Goddess Diablo

$$$ Give Until It Hurts, You Pathetic Bitch! $$$

Pay to Play, Bitch! I Will Own Your Mind, Money, & Cock!!!

I am Goddess Diablo, the most gorgeous, seductive, sophisticated -& ruthless- woman you will ever have the pleasure to meet. For my amusement alone, I am here to use, abuse, & humiliate you and your cock, and laugh while I rape your wallet. You see, I am a truly exceptional woman who deserves the best of everything, and the best of you –your money- is exactly what I WILL have.

I know how it makes a pitiful bitch of a man like yourself drool and get rock hard when you make that wicked smile creep across my beautiful face as you delight me with tokens of your adoration. After all, that is the only way you could ever please or make me happy. I will slither inside your head & mindfuck you until you beg me to lavish on me everything you have & more because you are a worthless cunt. You will be so eager to worship me that you will gladly pay me to ridicule, humiliate, and degrade you, calling you out and torturing you for being such a pathetic loser. You will learn to live for this…

Do not think for a moment that I care about your satisfaction. I do not. You are only here to entertain me in any twisted way I choose- and that way will be delighting me with MONEY!! While I'm draining your wallet dry, I will taunt & tease you until you are begging me to let your worthless cock shoot all over you. While I couldn’t care less about your straining cock –for the right price- I might consider giving you my permission to jerk that pitiful nub off. However, that ultimate privilege WILL cost you dearly. Pay for it -& every treasured second of my time- you will. You will pay until it hurts because I have become your newest addiction, and you will pay or do whatever is necessary to get your fix.

Financial Domination With A True Goddess

Under my hypnotic spell, you will find yourself being drawn into the greatest depths of financial servitude, which you simply cannot resist. You will discover you have no control over your urgent drive to lavish me with gifts & tributes - and enough will never be enough. I am your obsession; buying my happiness is your compulsion.