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Real Bitch Goddess treating you like dirt

I am a sadistic bitch. I am young, beautiful, and powerful. I seek to take men and treat them as the dirt that they truly are. I do not care who you are you are not worthy of Me. I also seek much pleasure in financial domination. I believe that a worthless man should be out working all day to provide the finer riches in life for his Mistress. I will take pure satisfaction in knowing that your every last penny will go towards my pampering needs. In summary, you exist only to pamper and please me.

I am looking for all the particularly worthless pigs that owe me a tribute for simply sharing my world, and may possibly be rewarded with the privilege of serving my every need and desire. I am not a slut and do not intend to be. You will need to prove your willingness to serve to Me.

I am PERFECT! All you men are NOTHING in comparison! The very fact that I live amongst you pigs should be reason enough to BOW TO ME!

I deserve ALL of your worldly possessions, and you, being the disgusting little sluts you are deserve NOTHING. I should be your reason for living, because I am FLAWLESS, and because of this, I deserve your FULL ATTENTION, TIME, AND POSSESSIONS!

If you're intelligent enough to understand your place, pig, call me, send me an email declaring your love for me and desire to give me EVERYTHING I CRAVE. Maybe if you do everything I tell you to, I'll send you a picture of my BEAUTIFUL self.