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Cruel Cameron

Princess Cameron turns you into a Sissy Boy!

If you know your place is to dress in satin and silks, with beautiful fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, lace, garter belts and tight satin or silk panties then I can help you become the best Sissy or Sissy Maid possible! The sissy and the sissy maid is the last word in true feminization: all aspects of your make-up, hair, lingerie, dresses and acts are pushed to the lisping and begging Barbie doll you crave to be. You will practice everything you learn and you will practice over and over again. You will learn how to dress, walk and talk like a sissy. I can be a fun Mistress or a dominating bitch. Most of the sissies I have met like to be dressed in very girlie clothes. They love frilly knickers,silky petticoats, pretty little dresses with lots of bows and lace and little ankle socks with Mary Jane shoes. Most of you are also submissive and you will be dressed by me in a very dominating way.

Once dressed you will be my sissy whore. Many sissies crave teasing and a bit of humiliation. If this is not your style, then we can do fun things like dress you up for *Whores night out* or beauty parlor. For the sissy maids out there this is the area of my expertise! Being my sissy maid is all about serving and obeying me and you are a object that I posses and control totally for my pleasure. All sissies and sissy maids will have to go through my complete transformation classes. I will remove all masculinity and I do mean ALL. Your clothing will be removed and put in a plastic bag and locked away and only given back to you when Im done with you. This little act helps set the scene, just as you are deprived of your male clothes so you are deprived of your masculinity. This will leave you free to enter and fully into your sissy nature. Now you are naked and I can look you over and get a chance to see you and evaluate what it will be like to smack you with a hairbrush or the cane. I will be doing your makeup myself.

I want you to look like a dirty little slut with too much lipstick and too much eyeliner with two bright pink circles on your cheeks for the blushing little girl look. Sometimes I might make you wear a wig, it will be a long haired wig so I can give you Dutch Girl braids or part it in the middle and give you two tight pony tails like a Sissy Cheerleader. What a pretty girl you would look with your male hair or balding head covered with a lovely wig tied up in pink ribbons which matches your little dress or maids uniform.