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High Maintenance GFE $ Impress your coworkers

As promised, here it is! Start here for my temporary $5 PTV picture peek into my life. It won't last... just like you and that little toy in your pants. Hahahaaa



I love draining you. I love that you wake up and go to work just so that I can take it all when you get home. I am greedy and ruthless; the Goddess you've been longing for. I am young, gorgeous and spoiled. You are just another wallet to me. I'm going to take your money and then move on to your wife's. You will be forced to get a second job, something demeaning because that's what you deserve. I love designer clothes, shoes and handbags. Guess who is paying for them! Hahaha ~ you!


I'll take your money through pay-to-view e-mails and high priced phone calls. You will be addicted. You not only serve to keep me living in my high class lifestyle, you also exist to keep me amused and entertained.

You are just a loser with a wallet. All you are good for is a laugh and a paycheck. I'm going to use you and then discard you. I'm going to push you to the limit and then break you. I am going to own you. I am Perfection and you'll pay whatever price for even a little bit of my attention, even if it's degrading and humiliating.

Your life revolves around me. You no longer care about anything or anyone but me. Doesn't it feel good?

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