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The Judas Kiss

Bow down and sell your soul to me...

My Wish List

Financial humiliation is not about squashing your testicles or making you ejaculate on your keyboard. It's about you succumbing to the one true God, me! You are male and therefore inferior to females. Youa are merely breeding stock upon this planet. You are a disease, a cancer to this world.You are at this page because you have nothing in your life. You are a shell devoid of any spark. Your life winds down and you have nothing to show inside. Your only satisfaction will be serving the true ruler of this planet.

Now you will serve me. YOUR NEW GOD RACHEL!!!.

You will not bow before others. You will bow before me, your only God. Real followers recognize what I am and what power I have. For there only pleasure derives from serving me.

There is no 10% here at the door to my kingdom. All your worldy possessions are now mine. Everything will be given to me or you will burn in a cauldron of pain that is incalculable. A fiery death that will repeat for eternity.

I don't like to guess about why you are calling me. You need to fill out an application to serve me. If you are lucky you will be selected if not you will be sent straight to Hell. When you call and hear my voice you will do what you are told. This is no a game. Do not test me or play with me. I control the horizontal and I control the vertical. Do not expect some hoarse chain smoking dominatirx. I am a cultured lady. You will treat me with respect. I am your only focus. I am your God.

You wil not see trinkets and garbage on my page. A wishlist with cheap shoes and costume jewelry is an insult to all women. Those girls have no idea what they are doing. I demand top notch and you will furnish my kingdom. You work everyday to stay in my good graces. This is not a wish list. This is a demand list!!!
My Wish List

I am not saving for a Jeep or some other cheap worthless child ride. You will pay my Jaguar payment. You will pay for my maid. You will pour your soul into my account for this is the only way to salvation. Do not make the grave mistake of thinking you can purchase me. I was given a brand new Mustang and I liquidated it from my inventory. It is highky unlikely I will do a personal audio or video file for you. Only the most faithful are rewarded this way.

I know what you are worth. I know when you don't give. I am omnipotent and all seeing. I am there at all times watching.


God's Legs God's Legs
Yes those are my legs. I want you to see that which grinds you down to dust.