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The Sensual Sadist

Sensual Dommy whips boys into shape.

Sensual Dommy knows you best. Just how to take care of you and all your little desires. There is no such thing as secrets from your loving Dommy. I know when you have been a good boy, and when you have a naughty boy. You can't hide anything from me, I see it all.  Have you been a naughty boy?

I know how to make it feel all better too, and I know how to make you behave when you are bad. Come
here, sweetie, let me make you feel good. Press your face to my breasts and let my hair hide you from the world. They don’t love you like I do and I know how to love you best.  You always love my firm control.

Some of my indulgences include:

Lactation and breast play, Dommy ADB sensual top, role-play and storytelling, puppy play and dog training, chastity and cum control, guided masturbation, Firm sensual punishment, laughter when appropriate, Pantyhose and panty boy fetishes, shoes and boots, my feet being worshipped or cum upon, cuckoldry not husbandry, bare hand to ass spanks for naughty boys, bad boy corner time, sitter and nanny fetish, reprimanding sissy, dressing masculine men up, spending time with all my boys, kinky control, any naughty naughty taboo that might shock an ordinary woman.  I want you to tell me everything, educate me about the depth of your depravity so that I can use it against you, or better yet so that I can use it to make this a mind-blowing experience for both of us.  I want you to cum back, like Pavlov's dogs.  Each time your cock gets hard.

I can make your body stand at attention but if you make me mad, well you will have to be punished.
Still, that feels good too, doesn’t it? My hand on your ass, smacking it while you moan, feeling the heat of your skin as it turns red. Call me and tell me you need to taste my pretty pussy, grinding down on your face, riding hard while reaching back and stroking that good boy’s cock. Don’t make me wait too long, I am a
busy Dommy with a very wet pussy. If you wait too long I will use my toys and make you just watch without a taste of my beautiful body. You don't want me to fuck my pussy while you beg to touch it, do you?

I might reach over and stroke you just a little bit so you know how much I own your little body.  I will let you watch me get dressed, my pantyhose sliding up long silky legs, my breasts straining into a bra, my little black dress shimmying down over my hips and ass, my toes in high heel pumps. I look good and I like it when you watch me.