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Mistress Busty The Glamazon is back,
and even more cruel!
With a viscous tongue than will make you cower on your knees and beg to be her slave!

Busty towers in front of you,
her long golden brown hair cascading over her shoulders,
covering large, full 44 DD breasts that are hidden beneath a layer of shiny black leather.
You can't help letting your eyes wander over her gorgeous, full curves.
The beauty of her thick hourglass figure captivates you.
You gasp when your eyes fall upon her thick, muscular legs,
filling your head with thoughts of what those powerful legs could do to you and finaly,
her perfectly pedicured size 10 feet.
Her average height of 5'8" seems doubled in her four inch stiletto high heels,
with you on your knees before her,
looking like a puney little bitch.
She taps her riding crop against the palm of her hand and circles arround you as she speaks.

"I am Busty the Glamazon, your mistress and goddess.
I have chosen you to serve me.
With this great honor and privilege you will be grateful to serve me and prove to me how loyal you are.
You will prove this to me by doing everything I tell you to do,
no matter what it is,
(within your limits),

  • Cater to my every wish
  • Shower me with gifts
  • Provide me with cash

Cold hard cash is one of my most favorite things.
So you better make sure you provide me with lots of it.
If you wish to remain in my service as my faithful minion you will remember above all else that it is not Busty who needs you,
but it is you who NEEDS Busty.
You need Busty to keep you in line,
to teach you how to serve a true mistress,
and most of all to remind you that you are nothing but a toy to be used as I see fit.

Busty Does Not Allow ANY Direct Calls or Cam time
until you have proven your loyalty
by calling her recorded listing and listening to the entire thing
or with a tribute or gift FIRST!"