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Transcendental Guided Masturbation, Explosive!

Transcendental guided masturbation goes beyond any standard masturbation technique that you know. It incorporates more than just your hand and your cock - it is fundamentally a masturbation that involves the mind, all of your senses, and your soul. It is more of a meditation technique, but leads to explosive, convulsive orgasms that span and spread through your entire being, not just your cock.

I am an expert in this technique, with many students both past and present, and I would be happy to guide you through it. Please keep in mind a few things, however, before you choose to undertake this transformative experience with me:

1.) This guided practice, especially if it is your first time, will take some time. Please allow at least 25 minutes to accomplish the final climax, and wind down afterward. If you allow more time, the technique's affects are even greater. As such, if you're looking for a quick yank, please see some of my other listings. I can provide that, but just not here.

2.)The first time you experience this technique it will take longer than subsequent sessions. Once you start to understand how to be in tune with your body and your senses, you will achieve climaxes a bit faster, and they will likely be more intense.

3.) It is important that you are in a calm and peaceful place, away from loud noise or distraction, before you begin a session. Your environment should be similar to if you were to begin a meditation session - as this technique is just as much about the mind as it is about the cock.

4.) I do not require that you only do this technique with me. I will teach you the fundamentals, and then I expect you to practice it on your own, as well. If you want more advanced tips on how to make the orgasm last longer, or for more intensity, I am available for advanced lessons, as well. Some have told me that the sound of my voice and my cadence also helps them get into the zone they need. If you need this, I am happy to get you started, once I am convinced that you can do it accurately on your own.

5.) The cool-down after orgasm is just as important as what led you there. Please allow time for me to guide you through this after your climax. Do not just hang up. What you think is the end of your masturbation session, is really just the beginning.

In addition, in order for this to work properly, you must surrender to my instruction. You must do exactly as I say, when I say it. If you choose to do your own thing, and not follow my directions, I am not responsible for the lackluster orgasm that ensues.

I am available for guided imagery on the phone, or if you have yahoo cam, I am available to watch you on your cam, to ensure that you are doing things properly. I do not have a cam of my own, but I will be happy to watch you, and help you master this technique.

If you have any questions before we begin a session, please do not hesitate to mail me, and I will be happy to answer any and all questions before we begin.

P.S. - My "spicier" pics, vids, yahoo ID, and my other listings can be found here.

Also, unlike most other NF girls, I am a real girl and respond to mail thoughtfully and candidly. Just be gentlemanly in your mail, and you'll get a sincere and often speedy response from me, to be sure!