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Tantric Domina - teaches you sexual self control

Welcome to My Temple -

I really love connecting energetically with people and sharing & hot juicy erotic encounters with them!

I strongly believe that human beings can establish exciting energy connections through the use of many of the visualization and conscious breathing techniques I have learned over the years during my studies of Tantric sexual practices.

My erotic studies have included several courses and intensive training programs with a school in Oakland CA that trained me as a “Sacred Intimate”.

As part of this training they taught me the sexual art of “Taoist Erotic Massage” for men and for women.

What is Taoist Erotic Massage?

Taoist Erotic Massage (TEM for short), can be practiced with a partner or alone through the guided instruction of an experienced practitioner. TEM is intended to help men learn to build and enjoy high levels of erotic energy in their bodies.

With practice they can learn to enjoy deeper and longer journeys and "surf" higher and bigger waves of erotic energy without ending the experience sooner than they would like by ejaculating.

It is actually even possible for men to experience non ejaculatory orgasms that are intensely pleasurable without leaving you feeling drained afterwards.

Learning these practices can be a very exciting and rewarding experience not just for the man but also for his partner if he has one. Since, by learning to maintain your erection even during high states of arousal you have a better opportunity to satisfy her during your love-making or simply build and build your sexual "juice" until you explode into a fabulously mind blowing orgasm!

Furthermore, although many men do not really understand or enjoy the idea of erotic chastity, I can help you understand that harnessing and holding onto you erotic energy can occasionally serve a greater purpose. If desired a man (or a couple) can learn to channel or direct their erotic energy to an intention or purpose such healing erotic or emotional wounds or acheiving something they desire.

Masturbation Coaching w/ the Tantric Goddess –

I have devised a series of weekly lesson plans that will teach you very pleasurable exercises that with practice will help you to become the Master of your own erotic pleasure and help you learn to give even greater pleasure to others with whom you are erotically engaged.

Soon you will be able to either purchase these weekly lessons individually here through my NiteFlirt page, and then learn these practices on your own.

Or for a more personal and interactive approach you may give me a call and let me talk you through each of the exercises!

Either way, I think that you'll be glad you did!!