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Tease and Humiliation Master

I think it is soo freakin' hilarious that you fantasize about being absolutely humiliated - this is still new to me (over the last year) since my ex turned me on to my unique sexual power, he opened my eyes to this humiliation fetish, and I love it!! You guys make me laugh until my stomach hurts. My friends ask what I am making you guys do now and sometimes they help me dream up new humiliating tasks for you little puppy dogs. You guys are so sweet and ridiculous to humiliate yourselfs for me LOL !!! If you ever fantasize about being used as entertainment (at your expense) for the enjoyment of a beautiful young silky sweet hotie, If you like to be embarressed and humiliated then you have come to the right place, This 22 year old is downright devious when it comes to humiliation Ohhh the things I will make you do... would you like to be taken advantage of by a silky young sweet smelling 22 year old beauty who makes your heart race and your wittle boys tiny pinky jump. Would you let me publicly humiliate you, send you on tasks that broadcast what a sissy you are, how eager you are to please me; would you wear a plug for me and my friends, would you drink my champagne, if you get excited by the sweet joyous laughter of a women swept up in the pleasure of seeing something so ridiculous they have to laugh (that doubling over kind of laughter - that makes me flush in the realization of my power over you ... (I wonder hmmm what else are you helpless little men willing to do...) then buy a task silly and let's get started. I have over 50 super humiliating tasks, me and my friends have come up with these and we have ones for beginners and one's for pro's ... so bark like a good little doggie and buy a task .lol lol lol Once you see the creativity of our tasks you will never need to go anywhere else ! Ohh and I do insist that you either write about your experience or better yet send me photos. Kisses, Kimmy, lol