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Mistress Caitlin

Not Everyone Can Afford the Best! Think You Can?

Want My Attention? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

You might call me "Princess," "my Queen," "my Goddess" or seomthing similar, but regardless of titles, what you really need to know and remember is this: I am a Woman... a dominant Woman... a cultured, refined, and sophisticated Woman who knows who she is... a REAL Woman who is deserving - of any and everything Her heart should desire.

So you want My attention, do you? You want Me to dominate you, take charge of you, and show you who's boss? Well... I was always taught that "you get what you pay for" - and I am the best, so you know what that means...

Do I expect to be pampered? Yes. Do I expect to jump and ask "How high?" whenever I snap My beautiful fingers? Of course. Do I expect to be showered with gifts and tokens of your adoration because it makes your cock twitch and jump to full attention when you attend to Me in this way? Absolutely!

Be prepared. For any attention from Me, you WILL pay dearly, as I am a woman accustomed to being treated like a Queen. In an effort to keep Me happy, you will submit to Me fully and be happy to take any humiliation, denial or other treatment from Me that makes you squirm and feel about 1" tall. ...And for all this, you will gladly thank me with something in my favorite color: green.

You will learn that your personal well-being is of NO real concern to Me, but it interests Me ONLY in as far as it benefits ME & ensures that you keep Me happy & smiling. Never forget that I can easily live without you, as there are so many fish in the sea, who would do anything to be in your place and have the opportunity that you do. So... DO NOT even think of wasting My time thinking you will get an ounce of My attention for free! You WILL prove yourself because I WILL NOT waste My time on a cheap ass, entitled, self-serving loser of a "man". You will prove yourself or be banished from My world.

If you are -or wish you were- a real man, you will pamper me in the manner to which I am accustomed, demand, and deserve. You will find absolute satisfaction in serving Me like a little lap dog. Your own whims and wants will become as insignificant to you as they are to Me, as I become the center of world - and wallet.

One more thing: If you do not keep Me happy, I will show you a true Bitch, who will make sure you suffer and wish you had understood that I meant every word I said.