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Be ignored like the pathetic scum that you are!

I am a strong-willed dominant Femdom Goddess. Sensual, Seductive and Sadistic are other descriptions of me also. I love to humiliate, degrade torture,
pimp out, and financially enslave subs/slaves/bois/pets. I had my first slave when I was 18 although I didn’t yet know it. An older guy liked me a lot and I
did not really feel the same but he kept buying me gifts and offering to do things for me that I very quickly learned how to use him and abuse him for my own
amusement and I’ve been using and abusing men ever since.

My interests are the only thing that should matter to you. Doing things for my enjoyment are what you live to do. I will become your "New Addiction". I
will be your only Goddess and you will live to serve me. I enjoy compliant and loyal subs/slaves/bois. I do not have time for time wasters and cheap f*cks!

My interests include but are not limited to: Financial domination, Cuckolding, Foot worship, Body Worship, R/T
Shopping Sprees, On Line Shopping Sprees, Tease and Denials, CBT, Feminization, Sissification, Forced Intox, Consensual Blackmail, Physical and Verbal

This is your first step in the right direction in your pathetic little life. Now get your wallet and do exactly what I tell you too. First call Miss Goddess Angel
and tell Me everything! Reveal all your secrets, confess everything... this is what you need to do! After all, it is so much easier to mess with your feeble little
mind when I know more about you. So, tell Me everything, loser. I will listen to your info and make great use of it,

Are you a cheap idiot who needs to drink alcohol or be forcefully intoxicated or blackmailed in order to give your money away, then you better have the
liquor ready when you call, cheap loser. Because if I need to force you to do drink in order to send Me money, I will take you for even more! You will pay for
your cheapness and you will thank Me for it!

Call me now! What are you waiting for you little bitch boy? I will be the center of your life. I will give you purpose to your pathetic life! you are My property!

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