Phone Sex

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Yummy Honey

I ignore you while I eat cheese and yodel.

This is the ignore line. You will be ignored. While you are being ignored, I will be eating cheese and yodeling, badly.

What kind of cheese is it? Camambert? Gouda? Gorgonzola?

What is the cultural significance of my yodeling, or more truthfully, my horriffic and terrible attempt at yodeling??

You will never know.

So I guess it will just always be a mystery - unless you get in my good graces. I might feel sorry for your anguish and give you a hint as to the regional origin of said dairy product and/or vocal technique.

Then again, I might not.

I may continue my yodeling unabashedly, or I may suddenly stop, and begin chopping broccoli with which I shall make a lovely cake. A delicious broccoli and sardine cake. And you can't have any.

You see, I have more important things to do. Like saving the universe from the oncoming rampage of evil Richard Simmons clones that threaten to take over your socks. These things must be attended to, and you don't figure into them.

Are you up for this? Think you can handle the insanity with which I shall go about my day, madly shoving eels upon my hovercraft until it is full, while ignoring you completely?

I hope you're one of the brave ones.

In the meantime, consider the fact that I currently AM ignoring you, and you me, until you make that call.

Want some cake? Too bad.

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Also, unlike most other NF girls, I am a real girl and respond to mail thoughtfully and candidly. Just be gentlemanly in your mail, and you'll get a sincere and often speedy response from me, to be sure! Got questions about this crazy listing? Just ask!