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Yummy Honey

Intelligent financial manipulation, for a change.

I'm a grad student, and as such, dirt poor. I'm tired of eating Ramen Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But I'm also an extremely erudite and knowledgable, well-spoken girl. This is what my tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loans have gotten me.

...So I have a proposition for you. I think it will work for both of us.

I'm intelligent, well-educated, and well-versed in the concepts of economic theory, the vices and virtues of capitalism, and the idea of wealth redistribution. So rather than using the usual tired diatribe on here such as "I'm pretty, you're pathetic, give me your money" - I propose to engage you in an intelligent and rational discussion on the reasons why it would be beneficial for you to fund my endeavors and my education.

I will justify my arguments as to why you should be my educational benefactor, and I will do so in ways that will seem perfectly reasonable to you, and would even seem beneficial to your own self interests, to do so.

If you think you can out-wit me, please attempt to do so. I am offering you a challenge, a battle fo wits, a tet-a-tet with a smart, witty, erudite girl, that hopefully will result in our mutual satisfaction.

The benefits include: Leaving the conversation with your brain buzzing as it has had to work harder than any girl on NF has ever worked it, as well as leaving you a few dollars lighter, but knowing that your well-earned money will benefit the greater good.

Call it economic redistribution from the more wealthy to the more needy, call it a capitalistic reinvestment into the the continued fluidity of our economic model, call it a shameless Obamaistic plan to lead us all into economic ruin.

Call it what you will, but call me.

P.S. - My "spicier" pics, vids, yahoo ID, and my other listings can be found here.

Also, unlike most other NF girls, I am a real girl and respond to mail thoughtfully and candidly. Just be gentlemanly in your mail, and you'll get a sincere and often speedy response from me, to be sure! Got questions about this crazy listing? Just ask!