Phone Sex

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Tower before my loving, loyal pet, as I allow you audience with me. You are mine. You know it, you love it. There is nothing you wouldn't do for me. You watch me take all that you own, and in return give you some of my spare time, energy and patience.

My eyes entrance you, my voice hypnotizes your soul. I peer through your every thought like glass. My every touch on your body, makes you shiver in anticipation and excitement. You can barely contain yourself. But you will, because I demand it of you.

Your desire to please and give proper homage to your Mistress is something you have wanted all your life, with every fiber of your being. To be of service to me, in which ever way I see fit, fills you with more pleasure than any sexual act.

You beg to be spoken to by me and my smooth foggy voice, as it seeps into your mind, that YOU are the one pet that might be able to win my heart, that you might be worthy of my attention and admiration forever.

You also know that I am a greedy Mistress, and demand your loyalty, respect and proper gifting above all things. To give me my pleasures and my hearts desire, is the most important thing you can do.

It is not easy being a Goddess such as me, and you never wish to be one. You do want to make it easier, by making sure I want for nothing, that I can have only the finest of everything, but that takes money. It takes your money. Since you're mine in the first place, what is yours automatically becomes mine, and you have nothing more than what you need to survive, which is all you deserve.

Your job on this planet is to Serve Me, Obey Me, Pay Me, and show me financially how much you want and need me. Serve, Obey & Pay, Mystress Orchid>