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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Hot Therapist Kitty



Sex Coaching with me is hot on Niteflirt; it has caught on. Were you contemplating coaching to spend your Niteflirt allowance ? Not sure if you are a candidate for Sexual Therapy.. Read on..

Looking for 'suck & fuck' sessions only? You are not in the right head space to call me. Looking to explore your sexuality from a much broader perspective? Desiring sexual highs outside the confines of a Vanilla sexual experience. Call me and lets begin..

Test yourself here by reading through the following list of arousal trigger words and email me with your hard/soft result.. Share with me, suggest words of your own and they will be added to the list here.

Discipline - Burning Hot - Icy Cold - Pinch - Trample - Superiority - Dutiful - Humble - Meek - Cringing - Hard - Compliant - Power - Stockings - Begging - Nylons - Obedience - Drained
There are many various erotic triggers obviously and many of mine deal with submissive tendencies. The point to this exercise was simply to trigger your desire to learn more about your sexuality through sex coaching and transparent conversation on Niteflirt with me.

I welcome emails and take phone sessions including non-nude CAM - Buy my Yahoo below.

When you call me can expect an entirely different experience from the norm offered from a phone-sex listing. And that is simply because, although I am a highly sexually charged intelligent woman I am here studying the men who call.
I will work beside you using my voice and enhance your overall sexual diet. This will directly effect your life outside of the cotton wool environment we call Niteflirt wonderland.
On a more personal note: I am a diverse talented professional female dominant in my private life. I am prepared to share with you my own personal experiences as a lifestyle Cuckoldress. yes, I do have a whole other wild side that compliments my life as a Coach; did you think I would not.. :) I love to share my achievements in this area with like minded Niteflirt callers.

For those of you looking for some personal training with an intellectual, powerful, professional female; I am a patient teacher; hit me up with your needs and watch me tailor a call for you.
Do not be afraid to come prepared for our call. I like nothing more than Feminization and Stretching training. I recommend that if you have a web cam that you consider turning it on to proudly display your progress face to face with me.
So what are you waiting for! I have a Cam listing for face to face sessions. Are you up for the challenge that only an educated Dominant brings to the call.