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Fantasy Roleplay Specialist {try me risk free}

I have never ever heard of any roleplay request, that I didn't love to do myself, especially if it meant I could get someone off. I simply love the fun of it... love the power of it... I love the challange. ASK OF ME ANYTHING, AND I WILL DO ANYTHING I CAN TO GET YOU OFF :)

Woman/Man... Domination/or submission. Straight/Gay/BI/GROUP/or toss some alien abduction into it... I will love it all, if it is what gets you off.

only one way for you to find out just how good it will be... and you have to dial me up now to get started. I am ready if you are.

maybe you need an idea for a roleplay? Gay fantasy sort of speaks for itself... but want to get more into the taboo? Interracial? Celebrities? Maybe a scene out of the WWF where you get yourself pinned by your rival and get that big package in the face?

maybe you wanted to imagine your wife cheats... could you imagine yourself at the Christmas party this year... and you are looking at your wife across the room... and this asshole asks you "nice isn't she?" And before you can tell him that you are the husband, he laughs and tells you he can fix you up with her for a price. He is pimping her now to help her with her secret fantasy lol.

I love roleplays... I love to tell stories. I can tell you about your wife getting the flat tire on her way home... car trouble... your wife getting picked up for that shop lifting misunderstanding. Or tell you what really happened when the painters took that extra day to get that job done for you last summer.

maybe you like the girl at the office... your best friend's wife... maybe you want your best friend to offer you a date with his wife and you'd love to have me tell you what she will expect or wish to try out with you tonight?

you might want to get sissyfied by me... forced into some panties... made to be the little girl. Try me out... I love every fantasy I can name here.

you need to do the dialing now as I can't do everything for you, but just punch the numbers on the phone and I can do the rest. All you need to do is hold that phone and hold your cock and I will make you cum like you have never cum before

P.S. I already have pretty much the lowest rate here for any operator of quality... but I have NO PROBLEM proving I am every bit as good as you can imagine I am. I do give out free mins to any callers upon request. If you wish to take the test and see that I am the best... just send me a email and the mins will be on their way quick as that. You honestly can't go wrong giving me a call today so do it and let's love it