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The Fantasy RolePlay Specialist

I am going to keep things simple here... first off I am more then willing to back up EVERYTHING I say so don't hesitate to request some free mins. Once you try me out you will know I am the best and will come back to cum again and again. So I will send you free mins upon request to try me out absolutely risk free.

Secondly, I will talk to guys... the majority of the business here is guys so I better do it or I won't be able to earn a living... but I ENJOY talking to girls. I can't say I am gay. I have never fantasized about men. I have however, fucked men before. The difference is I love to fuck and if there is no women around then why not? I am ALWAYS ON TOP though... so don't call if you think it will be fun to try to fuck me. I don't swing that way. Luckily, I am married now for the past 9 years and usually have pussy around so it has been awhile since I needed to settle for another guy's cocksucking talents. It doesn't mean I dont get a kick out of chatting it up with you wankers, but I am not going to be doing any meets. I am just here to discuss some fantasies and get you off... and get myself off too.

Of course, I will talk to chicks too... they don't normally call this listing so I won't spend much time saying hi to them here. I am a Dom. I do the Dom thing. you will know if that means this listing is for you or not. I give all of you free mins to try me risk free too.

I am married.. my wife might be willing to say hello but she is sick and tired of dealing with the losers here that wore her down so she won't be doing full service calls anymore. If you are really desperate for her to say hi I will ask, but expect her to probably say no. It doesn't hurt to ask though if you can handle it.

That's about it for my sales pitch... I back it up. I will give free mins if you want to try me out. Remeber that I have no morals. I have no taboos. I am basically a super pig. I personally do love my sex to have a "mean edge" to it, but i can get all lovey dovey sappy wappy with the details too if thats the fantasy you got... open mouthed deep wet kisses can be every bit as sexy as a cock gagging a slut into convulsions right? Everything can have its place in one of my fantasy productions.

It is your time to dial me up now... you know everything there is to know... that this is a new business I'm launching and I need to prove myself with deed... so I got my price set rock bottom for you. I am a horny fuck just like you. Any port in the storm really... but mostly I get off on challange... sick twisted fantasy... mean sex... degrading sex... little fagget boys that need a bitch slapping... little sluts that deserve to feel like the cumdumps they were bred to be. This is who I am, and if you want me to elaborate any further you really need to give me a call.