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Valerie Sexy Shemale

Bend Over&Take It Like a Man-Get Hard on my 11inch

I’m sexy she-male who loves to have a good time! I’ve got a HUGE UNCUT COCK that I would love to show you! When fully hard I reach over 11” and I’m really thick. I wish NiteFlirt would let me post the pictures directly on here, but alas, you’ll have to call me to get me to send you those pictures!

As you can see, I have long brown hair, brown eyes and classic Mediterranean features which are often mistaken for me being Latino – of course my fiery personality does nothing to keep people from thinking that! I’m also what you might consider to be a Latin lover, so maybe I’ve got my background wrong! I’m a very intense and passionate lover and with such a huge cock, I just have to be a top almost all the time! My tits are a beautiful 36”C and look great on my nice tight figure. I have a bit of a booty – kinda like J-Lo, but with a much nicer package in front!

I love to fuck and suck all night! I absolutely adore a good 69! There’s nothing like crawling on top of a man, shoving my cock in his mouth and starting to lick and suck on him and take him deep into my mouth and throat! That’s right; I’m a woman who loves to deep throat a nice hard cock.

I love my nice girlish figure. I adore getting hit on by straight men and then hours later having my balls on their chin! I do live full-time as a woman and the only cosmetic work I’ve had done was getting a boob job. Yeah boys, they’re fake. The rest of me is 100% real and natural! You’ll get to wrap your hands and mouth around my thick, long, uncut cock! That foreskin adds a little extra something and you’re going to love the way it feels – I know I do!

As I mentioned, I’m almost always a top! I can’t wait to get to slide my rock hard cock into your tight little ass! If you’re a size queen, I’m the girl for you! My dick will make you feel like you’re going to split in two with how amazingly thick I am! To be honest, most guys can’t take the full 11 inches, but I’d love for you to try! I adore fucking, all kinds of sex and every so often even making love. I can be a very sensual lover! Though do not mistake sensual for me not liking it rough sometimes! I’d love to take you bareback and fuck you until you couldn’t take anymore!

Click here to see my Amazon Wishlist I know you want to properly woship and spoil me, so send me a nice gift to show that you really want to submit to me. Also, be sure to include your NF handle when you send the gift. Rewards and punishments will be given out accordingly!

Sometimes I like to tie a man down and make him take my full 11 inch cock down both his throat and in his ass! It gives me an amazing power rush to get a little bit kinky! I definitely could enjoy getting dominant with you and taking control and getting to know your submissive side. I’d force you to your knees and make you suck me like a good little boy. We can even get into some wild role-playing if you like. Maybe a little teacher student fantasy, owner slave, dominant submissive, maybe I could be that sexy schoolgirl who is determined for you to give me an A, your sexy neighbor, that girl at that bar, anything you can think of I can get into! I’d love to hear about your wildest fantasies and tell you a few of my own! I’m definitely a no taboos tranny! I’m willing to discuss anything you can imagine!

Also, after every call that's 10 minutes or longer I’ll send you a FREE XXX picture of myself! You’ll get to get up close and personal with my cock! I’m a tranny girl who loves some good ass sex! Trust me, my cock is better than any sex toy you could ever find, but I do have a few of those too! I love to slide a vibrator up my ass while I’m masturbating and I’d love to know that you were doing the same thing!

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