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Are you a loser? Call me NOW! You are an inferior little B*tch! Call me NOW!
Do you wear women's panties? Call me NOW! You are a disgusting excuse for a man! Call me NOW! Do you have a small penis? Call me NOW! Because no woman will ever want that over sized clit! Call me NOW! I dare you! Call me NOW!


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Dial Direct: 1-800-863-5478
Extension # 032-79-575

What will you receive when you call this line?? VERBAL ABUSE!

You are PAYING me to call you a F*CKING LOSER!

I will take your money and call you EVERY name in the book! Laugh at you hysterically, be annoyed, pissed off and otherwise DISGUSTED that you are actually calling me and wasting my precious time.

When you call don't be shocked if I answer saying, "What the F*CK do YOU want?!" It gets EVEN better if there are people AROUND me who have NO CLUE who I am talking too. It's WONDERFUL to see the expression on people's faces when they see and hear a HOTTIE, such as myself, ripping a guy a new asshole over the phone! muuuahahahahahhaah

If you're calling this line chances are you also have a tiny lil pecker too! hahahaha

Do you like the bitch who is PMS'ing all day long?? LOL ahhahah you f*cking loser-- I will put you in your place.

Wanna hear what a BITCH I can REALLY be?!

Oh and don't be surprised when I'm done ranting on your dumbass if I just HANG UP with no warning. hahahahah!!

This listing will have the same availability as my classic ignore lines. The difference being- on my ignore lines I simply ignore you or laugh & giggle as I go about my business. THIS line will result in you being VERBALLY ATTACKED for being a LOSER!

Call me let the ABUSE begin!!

$1 tip/tribute

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$5 tip/tribute
Pay for new

$10 tip/tribute
Pay for my gym

$25 tip/tribute
Pay for my

$45 tip/tribute
Pay for my
haircut & color!

$75 tip/tribute
Pay for my
cell phone bill!

$100 tip/tribute
Pay for a
2 hour massage!

$150 tip/tribute
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