Phone Sex

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I'm a dirty girl and you WANT MY STINKY PANTIES!

I’m a dirty girl. I really am.

I love to go without a shower, and run my hands through my oily hair. You love to smell the intoxicating odors from between my legs. You want to touch, lick, and smell my feet after a hard day’s work. You want me to wear these panties for 2, 3, 4 days, maybe even a week, and would just die to have them in your hands… I know what you’d do with them.

I don’t like to wear deodorant, and that’s what you love best. I’m my natural self. Almost. I do make sure a razor can see some of my parts… that landing strip will have you dizzy with desire. I want to know that you got caught with a bit of my fuzz stuck in your teeth. My pheromones are driving you nuts, you can sense it already.

You need to call me. You need to hear my voice to tell you exactly what you have to hear… you want to know more about my dirty life, you have to know how I'll fit you in it. You will nuzzle your face down between my legs at my command, and experience that absolute rush. And you want to know what I’ll do to you.

As I pull out my toy chest from underneath my bed, you hear the rattle of chains and exactly how heavy it is. You only hope that I’m going to strap you down to my bed so I can slowly and painfully extract your hot lava. Your family jewels are going to ache before they feel pleasure, and you’re going to scream with delight when I finally allow you to finish. The needles, the clothespins, the TENS unit… they’re all part of the journey. I will make you writhe in pleasured pain, and you know it.

Call me and find out how I’ll take you there. Our fantasies have absolutely no limits, I have no taboos.