Phone Sex

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Lindzi Dee

Cum Together...Right Now...All Over Me?

Can I Be YOUR "Daily Date"?

...and cum for you? I love wakeup calls, goodnight quickies, & anything in between! Mutual masturbation is a favorite thing, & I have plenty of toys on hand to help! I don’t really dig roleplay all that much. I just like to fuck. And get fucked. And listen to & watch people get fucked. A LOT. This is real me, real hot & horny, real orgasms, real a little bit submissive once in a while when I feel like it (you can never ever go wrong taking the wheel & telling me what you want me to do to myself for you, I’m such a slut for that and get sooo hot over it), very bi (loooove girls, girls welcome to call too!), totally & really making myself cum for you. Or maybe having someone else make me cum for you. My guy (who travels a lot) & I dig phone sex between us ourselves, and I am hoping you out there will soon get to hear how he makes me cum like crazy for him when he calls from the road.

You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Listening to him tell me how he’s fucking me, listening to us cum together? It gets me hot & wet (and he thinks it's really hot too) thinking about you listening to us & getting off on it. Maybe me getting off on my favorite vibe will make a good wakeup call, as if you’re right there with me and slide across the bed to slip inside of me. Or the sound of my wet pussy getting fucked with one of my big dildos might make for a good quickie at bedtime as you stroke yourself to shooting a load before sleep. If all that sounds good to you too, then I probably would make a good daily (or at least sometimes!) date for you!

So...When Can You Talk To Me?

I'm just recently coming back to NiteFlirt after a couple of years away - offline life & job demands I be discreet (thus the pics) but I'm 100% real from the neck down anyway & planning for more photos, video, & possibly even cam eventually (I do NOT do cam right now). For now, things are a little busy - will soon be available for the occasional chat - but as far as calls for now (and please - no poop/pee or anything else against NiteFlirt's TOS), I will mainly only take calls by appointment (mostly available late night & pre-dawn hours EST) for the time being, but you can always ask about other time frames.

BUT - I'm going to be boosting up my recorded listings again that you can listen to 24/7 around the clock! Check them out (I'll be putting up new ones regularly for a little while) & if you like what you hear & want more, make an appointment & let's cum together!