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Sapressa will squash all your wants and desires.

Are you worthy? Prove to me you deserve my attention.

I am waiting for you to call me. Let the games begin. What are you willing to do for me? Show me loyalty. Are you worthy? Prove to me you deserve my attention.
I'm a single, dominant female. I am only looking for truly submissive, intelligent, men who want to truly get to know me, and serve me in any capacity I desire. I am a Dominant Mistress with over 15 years of professional experience. I am over 36 years of age. English is the only language in which I am fluent. I maintain my own dungeon in a private room located in an undisclosed town. 
I am very particular regarding My likes and dislikes and I operate My Domain based on My specific personal preferences and fetishes. I structure sessions based on the dynamic that exists between Myself and each individual submissive/masochist/slave. I truly enjoy a wide variety of SM, BD and D/s activities, and I am open to discussing them as long as you meet the following essential conditions: You must be a genuine submissive, masochist or slave who has displayed a sincere desire to please, serve, amuse, obey and surrender all control to Me. In addition, you must demonstrate a proper understanding of Mistress/submissive protocol. My manner is extremely Dominant and Controlling. I especially enjoy administering corporal punishment -- from a playful smack-of-the-hand to a welt-raising caning. My sadistic tendencies cover a wide spectrum and increase in direct proportion to the particular masochistic cravings of each specific submissive. I take great pleasure in rendering you completely helpless by means of totally humiliating you. My exceptional wardrobe is predominantly black and contains a wide array of leather,latex and PVC fetish wear. I have numerous corsets and waist cinchers as well as a small but distinctive collection of fine and retro lingerie. I further compliment these outfits with My many pairs of stiletto heeled shoes and knee, thigh and crotch-high boots. I am also in possession of a police uniform as well as riding and cowboy boots. What I wear during a session is dependent on My mood and/or the particular activity/training taking 


Here are the ten things my submissive should be:

1) HONEST - The submissive must always be truthful in his/her word and actions with his/her Dominant. he/she never lies.

2) TRUSTWORTHY - The Dominant must always feel that she can trust and rely on the words and actions of the submissive. His/her word is his/her bond.

3) ATTENTIVE - The submissive must focus his/her thoughts and emotions on the Dominant, and knows that the quality of his/her submission is determined by the amount of time he/she holds her in the forefront of his/her concentration. He/she pays attention.

4) ACTIVE - The submissive takes an active involvement in his/her submission, and does not rely on the Dominant for all direction. He/she takes at that time.

5) INTELLIGENT - The submissive is intelligent and thoughtful, always trying to bring both high quality analytic and intuitive thinking to the relationship. He/she is smart.

6) DETAIL-ORIENTED - The submissive sweats the details and ensures that even the little things are addressed. He/she know that Godddess is in the details.

7) OBEDIANT - The submissive does as he/she is told without question or hesitation. He/she obeys.

8) ELEGANT - The submissive seeks to be attractive and graceful in appearance, speech, and movement. He/she pleases the eye.

9) SELFLESS - The submissive thinks nothing of himself/herself and puts the needs and desires of the Dominant above all. He/she puts her first, always.

10) ENTERTAINING - The submissive strives to be a rewarding part of the Dominants life, and brings his/her capacity to go beyond role obedience to the relationship. He/she pleases Me.
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