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Busty Julz

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You Need a Gentle Discussion, Don't You?

Let me offer you a gentle forceful discussion about your feminine ways. That is what you’ll find here. A frank open and honest talk about all of your desires, the things you’ve explored and all of those desires that are hidden, yet waiting to be let free.

You’ve been dying to tell someone about the panties you wear, or your desires to suck a big huge cock while dressed like a woman.

Maybe it’s that you want to get picked up by a big huge black guy and be his date for the evening, ending in a wild passionate night of sex, where you are his bitch. Do you have make-up stashed somewhere that no one knows about, or maybe you dress up when you’re out of town like a woman and seek out male companionship. However your desires unfold, I am the one you can tell.

Call me now... I can help

No judging here, just an exploration of all things feminine as they relate to you. Maybe you are ready to take that big step but need a little push, or a really big push. Maybe you want to know how to expertly suck a cock and need some guidance, or you want to take it up your pink sweet virgin hole for the first time and you need to know how to prepare for it. Take if from me sweetie, I am the one who can teach you what you need to know about being feminine and force you to go there if that is what you need.

From now on, you can answer to me. No one else. Yes, I know men like no other, and I can instruct you on how to be alluring to them, how to seduce them, and how to bend over and take it like the woman you truly are. Your cock and balls mean nothing to me, I am going to guide you into submission and allow the truly girly-man to come out of hiding and explore all of the things you so desperately crave to be. (wouldn't you love to wear that shoe?)

Call me now… I can help. I am the one, forget the others. I have years of experience in gentle domination and teaching the feminine way to men just like you.