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I'll Make You Commit Financial Suicide

Sabrina Morgan: phone tease


1-800-TO-FLIRT, extension 03251761

Manipulative Tease

I'm going to make you commit financial suicide. Calling me is like playing a game of Russian roulette. It's only a matter of time before you lose everything.

You'll become hypnotized by my eyes, my honey-sweet voice. You'll collect all my pictures, stroking to them in a perverse form of worship, fixating on my red hair and perfect curves. You'll call my cell phone just to hear the voice of your Goddess. You'll email from work asking what more you can give. You're just the last of many to become addicted...

And it will never be enough. Your fetishes are your weaknesses and I love nothing more than to push your buttons again and again until you run dry. "Your card has been declined" is only the first step. You'll be eating noodles while I shop for another shiny classic car. Mercurial, sadistic and utterly hedonistic, I indulge in every pleasure... Couture lingerie. The most exclusive clubs, restaurants and parties. Enough hung studs to make a cuckold's heart race.

I love to play games. My favorite is poker. My other favorite is seduction.

I'll use my body, mind, and voice against you, teasing you until you're on the knife-edge of arousal, dizzy and intoxicated with the thought of me. That's when I'll decide it's time for you to ante up if you want to stay at my table. I'll tell you to call me back. My rate will go up. You'll hesitate - never for long.

You're now a victim of sensual manipulation and financial mindfuckery.

Once you hear my sultry voice it'll be impossible to resist me. In the end I'll take everything... we both know that.

Call me or send me an email to begin your rollercoaster trip to financial suicide.

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Cuckold Voice Mail mp3 - The long-awaited recording mentioned in my dominant girlfriend love letter. I left you a voicemail, letting you know I won’t be home tonight… and explaining our new arrangement. 5 minutes of sweet erotic humiliation. (high quality .MP3 file)

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