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Anything is possible with a Nurse

Doctor Nurse Fantasy Would you like to explore a hot fantasy with your Nurse? I am sexy, young, petite, delectable and fun! Also, very professional and experienced. I like caring for men or women. There is a sexual fascination with female nurses that dates from the days of Florence Nightingale and the very start of the profession. Do you think I would answer more than just the medical needs of you my patient. Don’t all patients need a little TLC (tender/touch, loving, care/counsel. And, ever since the profession was founded, some nurses have sought and given sexual pleasures in the course of their job. In this I’m probably like most nurses a little different from any other working woman you deal with at work. First there is the very obvious caring behavior. When patients come into the hospital, they regress to childhood in many ways. The surroundings are strange and induce fear; the reason for being there produces yet more unease; and some of the time patients have to undergo painful or difficult procedures that make them feel even more like children. It's a situation of dependence and vulnerability. It should come as no surprise, then, to find that many people look up to female nurses like myself as a type of mother figure. This is usually fine for most female patients, but for men it can produce emotions that are unconsciously linked to their own mother and her caring behavior, or lack of it, when they really were children. A combination of vulnerability, feeling like a child and having a woman perform often quite intimate rituals on him can all too easily confuse a man into reading things into the relationship that aren't there. After all, many men are inept at interpreting man-woman relationships. Dealing with intimate body functions also brings back memories from the unconscious - memories of other significant females doing the same things in the past. Given that many men have unconscious confusions about such matters it's hardly surprising that sex and nursing go so frequently together in men's fantasies, and it just so happens that I’m the nurse to fulfill those fantasies. Many men tell me that their current partner doesn't care for them very well or very much. By 'care for' in this context, they mean 'minister to them lovingly'. The contrast provided in the hospital where a sexy young female nurse such as myself, even though it might be my job is paid to do it, looks after your personal needs so effectively, can cause confusion and genuine lust, because it is lacking at home or there is just not enough. In certain situations, which will be part of your experience with me some if you have such fantasies, and will have spent quite some time with a nurse in a setting which, under other circumstances, would have led to intimacy and even sexual activity. Perhaps you are ill and in the company of a nurse for many hours a day, perhaps with me sitting by your bedside at night, when things are quiet, can easily find not only real caring at the professional level, but far more. I’ve have become so close with certain patients (of both sexes) over a short period of intensive time together. So you think when you enter the hospital sexual life comes to an end. If your well enough and able you can masturbate, but there are almost always unmet sexual needs in such situations. In fantasy you can masturbate with me the nurse and have sex with men. Is your fantasy passive? Do you want me the young sexy and petite nurse to be in charge? Do something to you I would otherwise not do socially, something that you might not think of at first but as I examine you becomes sexually exciting and irresistible. Let me permit you to do the unpermitted. After all, there are few other situations in life in which a man might legitimately be undressed or be so personally ministered to by a woman. For the man who likes pain (and perhaps has masochistic fantasies), nursing procedures that create discomfort can provide just the right sort of balance of pain and eroticism. I have to do it because it's my job, yet you can tolerate it because she's so sexually attractive. Am I truly untouchable? I’m just a nurse only doing my job. Nurses are allowed to do what they want to their patients in the name of duty, but the man himself isn't allowed to do anything. Have a fantasy about a young sexy and petite female nurse? Call now to make an appointment for your examination - the Nurse is in! Sexy things really can occur in your hospital experiences