Phone Sex

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So as your wifey I think it's fair to say that I know you pretty damn well by now, don't I? I know that when you get home from work, for instance, you really find doing the dishes, taking out the trash, and straightening up after me to be a great way to relax after your hard day. I know that you hate expensive meals and prefer p,b & j sandwiches to steak, potatoes and Cesar salads, and I know that nothing makes you feel needed and valued more than paying for my purchases and keeping me in the lifestyle we both have become accustomed to seeing me in. :)

So knowing you as well as I do, I realized that when you asked for a "kinky wife experience" you really meant something along the lines of increased humiliation, stories of how much more satisfied I am having sex with your co-workers, boss, or even your best friends, and doing any sort of game that reminds you of your place in MY world - including feminizing, Goddess worship, various training too kinky to mention, and my favorite, penile erection and ejaculatory control because no one likes a messy Sissy, Missy.

In conclusion, if you have stumbled upon this listing and you're scratching your ass trying to figure it all out, save those brain cells for other important things, like grilling dinner this evening for our neighbors, and just download the Wife Experience explanation located on my home page. I would link it here, but you're a stupid prick for not reading all my listings before hand and as a result - assuming that this was another listing to hear you 'uh - oh - oh my god' in my ear. *gagging noises entered here ______*

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