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Miss me ? Sorry- Been busy (update inside)

UPDATE: Been really busy with life, working my full time job plus growing my landscaping business, IF you see me online and want to call, CALL. I may or may not be able to answer, just depends on what I'm doing. (kiss)
Lovely Lacey - When Quality Matters !
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Hi !! I'm Lacey,
Welcome to my page, for exclusive LIVE PHONE CHAT
Live NF/Web messaging

About me : I'm 43, sexy, hard working, divorced mom from Ohio
Kind, gentle, nurturing & sweet.
I'm like you, a REAL PERSON !
I can also be a total bitch too if someone gets ignorant with me ! LOL
When I'm not busy with work or family,
I play around on NF
and yes, (lets be real) make a few bucks too :)
Though after I pay NF their share, fees, taxes,phone & internet..
I don't really make much.
So me having a good time is VERY important !!!
No offence to anyone, but I am NOT a pro at this,
I don't know how to make those super fancy listing pages,
I don't use fake content and don't dedicate 24/7/365 of my time taking calls.

I get nervous and excited when the phone rings.
So I tend to be a little 'chatty' sometimes,
talking & getting to each other, helps me relax and makes our time together more enjoyable!

Ohh just a little 411... the trashy, nasty, vulgar, crude, dirty talk, doesn't do anything for me.
I really prefer and respond more to sweet, sexy, passionate, romantic, attentive, speaking men :)

Anyway, that's me, LOL.a real woman, work a regular job and use my own pictures,
traditional landline phone that I have to hold to my ear.

Not really sure what else I should say, cept if quality matters and you want to speak with a real woman, give me a call !

OXOXO, Lacey

Are you tired of hearing the 1 min warning, the clock ticking and trying to hurry ?
Be sure to ask about my private phone specials.

PS - Due to a recent number of emails, & calls asking for live web cam, ANSWER= Sorry, I do NOT have a webcam.
IF you gotta have it, there is a whole dedicated category of women who do that !!
I am PHONE ONLY, it's more relaxing and less pressure. Thanks :)

1-800-TO-FLIRT (863-5478) ext # --> 03-23-715-3. REMEMBER- NEW CALLERS who sign up,
get the first 3 minutes FREE !!!
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MY PHONE RULES are simple.
2- If you're calling to be $ dominated, put your money where your mouth is, you wanna play- you're gonna pay,
posers and fakes will be blocked for wasting my time.
3- NO IGNORE CALLS, not my thing.
4- NO Humiliation or Abusive calls, again, not my thing.
K ?

Are you a fan ??? Add me on FACEBOOK to keep up with all my latest news and updates !

I do NOT send out a ton of emails - but I do sent out little updates from time to time, Fair is fair, IF I see you have me blocked, I will block you in return.