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Rough work week, Home, finally :)

Hi !! I'm Lacey, First I'd like to say, if you've tried calling me and I wasn't available
I'm real sorry, I am NOT your typical Phone Sex Operator,
I actually work 2 regular jobs and use NF for a little fun time,
as I'm not seeing anyone and have very little time for a boyfriend.
So between 2 real world jobs, my time for calls can be a bit limited.
On a positive note, IF my status says, 'Available', I will do my best to answer your call.
IF you try calling real late or too early in the morning,
I may be getting my beauty sleep, but please try back... :)
Moving on, I'm 42, good looking, hard working, single mom,
kind, gentle, nurturing & sweet.
I do NF on the side (when I have time) in hopes of having some fun
and yes, make a few bucks.

I desire a quality call, not a wham bam,
I really like talking and getting to know each other,
warm things up, get cozy and comfy
and go from there,
So that's me, I hope you find my honesty refreshing
lets talk :)

I also offer 1 on 1, private, flat rate packages via Square, interested ? Call for details.:)

PS - Due to a recent number of emails, & calls asking for live web cam, ANSWER= I do NOT have a webcam, I'll repeat that.
IF you are fixated on live cam, there is a whole dedicated category of women who do that !!
I am PHONE ONLY, it's more relaxing and less pressure. Thanks :)

1-800-TO-FLIRT (863-5478) ext # --> 03-23-715-3. REMEMBER- NEW CALLERS who sign up,
get the first 3 minutes FREE !!!
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If you see a negative comment, please don't assume the worst of me, Understand, I am a real person (like you) I am not here to make a living, I work 2 jobs to pay my bills, NF is NOT free for me to use, I pay NF a fee to accept your call ! NF is NOT my job and you are NOT my boss, NF is my unwinding, relaxing, fun place to enjoy after busting my ass working retail all day. Be nice, be respectful, and remember- this is my time too! Thanks. :)