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Carmindy's IGNORE Line for Losers

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Very simple. You like to be ignored. I will ignore you.

I will laugh at you simply for calling. I probably won't talk to you so don't get your hopes up. You're paying to be ignored. If you'd like some half-ass conversation while being ignored, then you better make me laugh. You are, however, more than welcome to use this opportunity to profess your undying love and admiration towards me. hahahaha

MY IGNORE LINE IS NOT A RECORDING! (wtf? lol...) I don't even have time for that non-sense.

I absolutely LOVE ignoring you idiots when I'm at the gym working out. Call and listen while I sweat and burn calories on the eliptical machine! I always try to update my Yahoo Status before heading to the gym so you know that's what I'm doing.

I also love taking ignore line calls while I'm out shopping! Want to come with me on my daily errands?? I will put my BlueTooth on and you can come with me where ever I go! Listen to me singing to the radio, chatting with friends, or talking to the sales clerk at the mall.


Why am I laughing?? Because these people have no idea WHO I am talking too AND on top of that- I'M GETTING PAID! Hahahahahaha and people wonder why I'm always in a good mood! :P

I created this listing on PURE request. I think if you want to blow your money on me then all the power to you! Thanks in advance for paying my bills.

Whatever, if you wanna call- by all means- waste the battery life on my phone and drain your account into mine! I just LOVE taking your money.

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