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Disapproving Beauty Hates Your Masturbation

Oooo, you have a penis. It gets hard? Oh wow. And you like to, like, put it inside things?

What do you want?? A cookie?? A reward for having a dick and thinking the world revolves around it? You want a girl you can perceive to be an air-headed coed to moan and make you feel like a big, strong man?

How pathetic and weak. If that's what you need, sad little man, go find a woman who will play dumb and fake it for you. Your ego means nothing to me.

If you're calling me, be ready for the truth. And that is? Nobody cares how many inches your imaginary internet dick is. Nobody could give a fuck how much you cum. That's some repugnant shit. And you know it. Anybody who tells you differently is just running the meter while you give up your cash.

Go ahead, call. But keep your grubby little hands out of those trousers, wanker. Unless you want a verbal beat down.

Yes, the pictures are really me. I have been involved in amateur and professional adult websites for 8+ years.

Trained as a professional dominatrix and lifestyle bdsm enthusiast for 7 years, I have honed my kinks and skills. Many have said my mind is twisted. I enjoy toying with power and roles.

I do not offer:
- Submissive or Switch - Underage Roleplay - Traditional Phone Sex

If you have questions regarding your session, email me prior to calling. I will answer as soon as possible.

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