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Vivacious Victoria

Pay Piggy-Time 4 me 2 Take Control of Your Wallet!

You may as well just hand over your wallet to me. I want complete control of your life and finances. I want to own you financially and make you my little pay piggy. There will be a regular piggy tax for getting my attention and you WILL pay it! I'll control all of you and not let my accounting degree go to waste. FIFO - first in your wallet, then out to mine!

I may look sweet, but you won't think so when your ass is bright red from my floggers, canes and paddles! I'll have you begging for mercy within minutes! Tied to a Saint Andrews Cross helpless and completely in my control. I'll take control of you mind, body and spirit. I'll send you deep into subspace and make you into my loving slave. Submission is a gift and I'm ready to receive it. My ex-husband was submissive and through him I learned all of the beauty of domination. I'll take the control you long to give!

Don't let my sweet and innocent looks fool you baby! I'm a hot and horny woman who loves to get wild! Ever watched your hot neighbor as she washes her car, her shirt wet and clinging to her large natural tits? Did you want to take her and bring her into your house and just fuck all day long? I'm that girl for you! I'm the one at the bar that you wish you could approach but don't know how! My seductive dance turns you on and you don't know what to do! I'm horny, hot, wet and ready to go! My vibrator goes through a lot of batteries and I'd love to have some company! I can give you the girlfriend experience you're craving without the drama!

With every call you have with me I'll be sure to send you a FREE XXX PICTURE OF MYSELF! That's right, free hot pics! I'm not going to charge you for each photo like some of the girls on here. I want you to get to know the real me and see how much doing all this gets me wet! I've got pics of dildos in both holes that I'd love to share with you! So, pick up the phone and let's have some fun!

I'm one woman who loves oral sex. I just adore giving head and getting from both men and women. I can't get enough of a nice hard cock in my mouth.

I'm a sultry, horny, lonely lady looking to have fun with you! My pussy aches and throbs for you, craving your tonue, longing to have my mouth wrapping around your throbbing hard member.

I'm a 28 year old woman who LOVES to have a good time. In most of my life things are pretty conservative and the men I get involved with are soooooo boring in bed. I need an outlet with someone who can appreciate that while I present as a professional woman, I'm a dirty whore when it comes to sex! I love to get fucked, give blowjobs, get eaten out, play with toys, get fucked up the ass (I LOVE anal sex with the right lube and so much more!

Give me a call and we can have some fun!

If you like a woman who's wild and crazy with a sultry voice, big natural breasts who will do anything in bed then I'm the woman for you!

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