Phone Sex

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Erotic Hypnosis, Tease & Denial, Mindfuckery

There's no sweeter sound in the world than hearing a grown man beg me for release. Maybe you'll beg me for release from your financial servitude to me. Or maybe you'll beg me for an orgasm after I've kept you in chastity for hours, days or (yum) months. The second sweetest sound is hearing a grown man beg me for more. Whatever you think your limits are, you're wrong. Put yourself in my hands, under my control; you'll find yourself driven to heights and depths you've never imagined. I don't like breaking my toys. What fun is a broken toy? It is fun to push you just to the point of breaking and to keep you there, helpless, in thrall to me, for as long as I want. You're in Kitty's world now. Just two things to remember.... 1) It's all about my pleasure 2) Kitty. Always. Wins. About Me: Sexy, young, passionate, devious, seductive and oh, so addictive. My tools of the trade are hypnosis, mind fucks, and bringing you to the edge just so I can push you back. When you're talking to me, you belong to me, and darling, I play _hard_.