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Every Bit of MyTime Will Cost You $$$$

Greetings! Are you lonely? Do you like spoiling women? Do you seek the sound of a soothing voice on the other line? Or do you prefer me to be a bitch? Like being ignored? Well you have found the right place and the right bitch. I love spending money..especially when its YOURS. It sends shivers down my spine when I get nice things. Dont you just wish you could palm my ass just one time? It might cost you. I dont believe in Fairy Tales or happy endings, but I do believe in living it up if youre willing to adore and pamper me. So let me get that wallet up off you.

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Services Offered:
Civil Domination
  • Friendly Conversation
  • Counseling w/ Relationship Issues
  • General Companionship
  • Allowing You to Spoil Me

Total Bitch Domination
  • Verbal Abuse/Tongue Lashing
  • Allowing You to Spoil Me
  • Getting Cussed out
  • Me Ignoring You

Cheap Ass Muthafucka
Try Again
Keep It Moving
Now Were Talking

Im just a call away. Understand that in Domination..You have little say so. Just as long as you know I RUN THIS SHIT..NOT YOU!!! You know youre dying to just hear me breathe or hear my hot voice over the telephone. SO DO IT!!!

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