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Lady Freya

Beg the fine Lady to releive you of excess cash

I am an elegant Lady and, as such, I need to be supported in style. I need fine food and clothes, papering sessions at spas, tickets to the theater, dance and art lessons, and everything else that is part of a fine Lady's life. And, of course, I am not going to pay for these things by doing actual WORK. The very idea! It takes all my time and energy just to be my fabulous self and to treat myself to all the pampering I deserve. No, what I am going to do is find a sad, lonely, loser, like you, and just use your money instead.

You do not need to live in a nice place. You do not need to eat anything other than ramen noodles. You do not need a retirement plan or vacation time. Not only do you not need these things, you do not deserve them either. You do not need to go out to bars, attend sporting events, buy the latest electronic gadgets, or do whatever else it is you do for fun because you think you're a man. Because, guess what, you're not a man, you're my little slave.

If you think you're doing me a favor by spending money on me, don't waste my time. A great Lady like myself is doing YOU a favor by acknowledging your worthless existence. You ought to beg me to take your money and thank me if I deign to do so. So practice your grovel and show Me you know how to treat a Lady right.