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mys blackberry

All dressed up and All pimped out

Calling all sissy boys, panty boys, and teeny peenie owners!


You like what you see obviously or you wouldn't still be reading this I am sure. Let's start this out by explaining to you who I am, so that there is no misunderstanding. I am a dominatrix. I don't just do this for niteflirts who call me, I do this shit in real life too, and I have for many years. One distinction about my games however is that I do not scream and yell at my slaves, there is no need to. They all know their place and as I have had all of my pets for years, they are obedient and rarely need beating or to be yelled at. That is what I want here. You know that I am superior in every way, my station is as it should be, high above yours, and my every erotic whim should be carried out without question and without delay. In fact when one of my slaves displeases me I am very quiet. They simper like the little bitches that they are and submit to whatever I choose to mete out to them in punishment for displeasing me. Whether that means dressing them up and taking them out into the streets and bars to be pimped out, or having them used by my clients and my other pets one after the other. Of course I do the same when I am especially pleased with them.


When you pets please me, I allow you the privilege of my attentions, and will engage you in play that you like. You are my pet, not I yours, so whether you like the rough treatment that many of my boys  delight in giving you dogs, you will submit to whatever I tell you to do. I allow you to be my slave for my singular entertainment. If I choose to make you a dog for a day and have you crawling at my heel and barking and wagging your ass until I tell you to stop, this is what you shall do. And when I decide that you will serve me and my men, in whatever capacity, this you shall do also.



So all of you panty wearing, subservient, forced faggots, and butt boys, I hope you like the taste of a cock in your mouth Actually I could care less whether you like it or not. Prepare to be dressed up pretty and pimped out for my pleasure. On your knees bitch, open wide, and swallow every drop!

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