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Lascivious Heather

Young Cock Tease Cheerleader In Pretty Panties 4 U

Top 1% Hi! I'm Heather! Nice to meet you. Do you have cheerleader fantasies? If you do, I am what you have been looking for! All my friends and even some of my teachers know they can trust me with their deepest darkest secrets. Why don't you share yours with me? You can tell me what you fantasize about even if you would NEVER do it in real life. Cheap phone sex with a used panty wearer and sharer. I have some of the hottest telephone sex lines available and phone sex with me will probably work out as the cheapest you have ever had because my dirty talk will have you grabbing for the tissues in record time. I came up with the idea of starting my own telephone line after several panty customers asked if I could talk dirty on the telephone to them whilst they sniffed my panties. However, it's not just dirty panty chat. I am into all kinds of niche phone fantasies. I am a real hot babe, a real life mistress, a spanker for those that have been real naughty and a lady with the smallest boobies you have ever seen, not to mention a girl who is into all kinds of fetish behavior and I might just decide to take a vibrater whilst you are chatting to me! It is not all just cheap phone sex though, oh no. I am that gorgeous hot fucking babygirl that lives down the block. She used to babysit you when you were younger. Now that your a hot young stud you think you want some more time alone with her? I like to flirt with men way to old for me and I also LOVE those older sugardaddy guys. This little kitten would love to play with your balls! All roleplays welcome and encouraged. Bring your toys cuz I will have mine! I'd love to get my panties all sticky and sweat-soaked for you. When I talk to men like you I just can't stop rubbing myself with them. They're soft and silky and they feel so good against my slippery, sopping cunt. My favorite fantasy is when you tie me to the bed and tongue me through my pretty pink panties until I give you a hot, wet, cum through their thin fabric. Call me and lap up every salty drop! My furry cunt is still puffy and sore from the way you tore off my polka-dot panties last night. You were just like him when he'd sneak into my bedroom after everyone else had gone to sleep. I can feel your breath on my neck as you pulled up my nightgown, peeled off my panties and gagged me with them so no one would hear me scream. Those pink girly panties always smelled like sex - drenched with musk from my pussy. It gets me sticky just remembering. Call me and make my panty-ripping dreams come true! I'm a pretty little panty slut and I've waiting all day to tease your cock! My satin panties might look sweet, but they're perfumed from my hot honey snatch. Just the way you like them. Have I told you about the other night when I stood at the window, flaunting my purple panties to all the men who walked by? I pretended every stranger staring at me with a rock hard-on was you. Our fantasies get me so wet, especially the ones where you show me off, making me flash the cars that drive by us, or when you yank up my skirt to tease the waiter at our favorite restaurant. Call me now and let's play peek-a-boo with my panties! I know that my panties are showing when I go out, I know my skirts are too short and I know guys are looking and I love it. I have panty fetishes, too. I promise that when you call they will be wearing a sexy pair, maybe a little moist but still very sexy.
Here's a story about something that happened to me once. My name got picked again, this time by Billy. He’s a real sweet but wimply dude and reminds me of a toad. Him and all his friends couldn’t have gotten my panties off unless I let them. The black leather thong I wore said a size small although I should wear a medium. Very snug and extremely difficult to get on and off without a certain amount of wiggling and tugging. I might add that since I tend to sweat and secrete other juices while being chased down and de-pantied, the thong exuded a substantial aroma. Also, it’s not like you can do the washer/dryer thing on leather. First, he couldn’t catch me so I had to like slow down. Then when he finally grabbed me, he couldn’t wrestle me down. “What, do I have to help you rape me?” I muttered under my breath. I let him get me down and on my back and he lifted my skirt up. He started tugging on my tight thong but didn’t make much progress. OK, so I helped him a little and he got so embarrassed and flustered it was kinda cute. “Here, let me help you,” I offered as I took his hand and put it inside the thong right on my snatch. He jumped and everybody roared when I said, “It doesn’t bite, honey.” When he finally got my thong off he whooped it up like he just scored a touchdown. But when he got them off, I stared incredulously and barked, “Is that all you want?”