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Lady Freya

Proud, stern, Lady seeks amusement and pampering

I am Lady Freya and, first and foremost, I am a LADY. Always remember that. You will bow before me, kiss my feet, and shower me with luxuries. In return, I will take notice of you...if I have nothing better to do with my time. Like the lady of the middle ages, served by an adoring knight in shining armor, I expect everything from you and offer nothing in return, except for the extreme honor of being permitted to serve me.

I am generally polite and soft spoken, as a lady should be, but make no mistake, I know my worth and take cruel vengeance on those who stain my honor or do not treat me with respect. I am the iron fist in the velvet glove. As such, you must always know your place...beneath me. I am not here to gratify you sexually or to stroke your ego. Do not ask if you are turning me on or expect me to say how wet you make me. Remember, I am a Lady and a Lady does not say such things. Second, how dare you assume that you are more special than all the other pathetic men, that you, woefully inadequate as you are, could manage to turn me on? Whether you get turned on or not is your own affair, but do not waste your time sharing the fact with your Mistress. She is not interested in whether or not She pleases you, only whether you please Her.

What I offer in not cheap sexual thrills but the honor of serving an intelligent and sophisticated woman, one who enjoys classic literature, haute chocolate, imported cheese, and fashion corsetry. I shall greatly enjoy making use of you to support me in the style I deserve or in amusing myself at your expense by teasing and tormenting you when my decadent lifestyle gets just too dull.