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Hello, I'm Sequoia, long time sex worker and I am offering sex magick counseling over the phone.

Would you like to know how sex magick and honing your sexual energy skills can improve your life?

Or perhaps what we could manifest together through simultaneous sexual mediation?

A simple explanation of sex magick is this:

As a society we've already acknowledged that everything is energy.

Now imagine the energetic pulse of an orgasm.

Now imagine if you could utilize that energy and direct it towards manifesting different elements in your life...

with sex mgaick the possibilities are endless...

I've been studying and training in sex magick for almost five years under a Celtic/Native American Shaman.
I've been trained specifically as a "sacred lover".

I am offering Tantric Meditation for phone only, let me soothe you with my sultry voice, let down the over protective walls of your psyche and let someone take control of your mind and body...