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so hot bratty... so spoiled... so worth it!

Spoil Me Because I'm Hot ;)

Love, Cherish, Obey & Spoil The Brat

Hey, so, I'm Brandy. Bratty as ever and thinking of only myself. Selfish? You bet. Do I care? Of course not! I mean, seriously, it really IS all about me. At least I'm honest about it. Spoiled rotten and unapologetic -- a TRUE PRINCESS BRAT!

Alright, I might be slightly interested in you... but only because I am wondering how I might best use you! What will you do for me? How can I manipulate you? Just how pathetic are you really?

You Know You Can't Resist

So now you know I have only my interests at heart... still here, huh? Good, you're just the kind of LOSER I like. It will be easy to use you. And FUN! I do get such a kick out of tormenting the weak. I bet you have your dirty little secrets that you can't wait to spill. Not to mention your kinky perversions. Oh the fun I will have exploiting all your weaknesses!

Anyway, enough reading. It's time to start giving me everything you have. I mean, really - I'm young, hot and so much better than you are - I so deserve it.