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Hi there piggies. My name is Cristi. I am a 24 yr old princess who recently graduated from a top southern university...with a double major. You should find some satisfaction in knowing that you aren't just blowing your money on a silly teen who can't really manipulate you. You are here for my amusement and pleasure. I want to clean out your wallet. I'm really into guys who love ultimate blackmail. There will be times I make you take pictures of yourself doing some pretty humiliating things. Embarassing for you, but oh so hot and funny for me. Ill hold these pics as ransom...while I proceed to rape your wallet, credit cards, and bonuses. I have an amazing memory & will take blackmail notes! After a couple calls, I will consume all your thoughts. You will be sitting at your corporate job...thinking of me. I am your Princess, your Goddess, and your Mistress. I deserve your money. You know you are dying to blow your cash on me, your naughty little secret. If you want to keep me a secret, make sure you keep up to date with my tasks. Bored with your life...looking for challenge? Try to keep up with my demands. Call me, and we can get started talking about what you do for a hard you work...just to fork all your money over to sad for you.
I'm into: ****financial domination**** ****being spoiled**** ****trips to vegas**** ****massages, spa days, pedicures**** **making fun of men with small dics** ****international relations**** ****ignoring dumbasses**** ***playing my keyboard&congas**** ****cleaning out your wallet **** *****world religions****** ****humiliating men**** ***maxing out your credit card*** ****gay guys****** **telling you what I blew your $ on** *****laughing at you as you attempt 2 impress me***** **letting you jerk off for me after buying me something on my wishlist** ***bored married men with fat wives*** ***lonely men***old men***nerds*** ***Beware-dont call unless you are prepared and willing to be blackmailed***
My time is important and expensive. I appreciate after our first call, that you schedule an appointment for a second one. If I'm busy, wait in line bitch. Sending me a tribute will make me more likely to accept your pathetic call. In real life, you know your tiny penis wouldn't impress me. Let your financial size make up for it.Call me tonight....& if your lucky I may give you enough time to blow your load at the end of the call, but usually not...not until you've spent some serious cash! If your nervous or have questions, feel free to email me.
If you would like to collared as my little money slave, atm banks, or pay need to tribute me money for one of the follow bills:
  • My mortgage-----$825.00
  • My hoa fees---$200.00
  • My car payment----$575.00
  • My cell---$100.00
  • My gas for the month $200.00
  • My water---$40.00
  • My car insurance---$125.00
  • My cable---$45.00
  • My hair---$85.00
  • My monthly tan club---$30.00
  • My gym membership---$35.00
  • Maid services---$85.00
  • My pedicure---$25.00
***Being a good little rich boy and tributing me for any one of these bills will give you the chance to make me soooo happy, & isn't that really what you live for? After you tribute me, email me and let me know which bill to pay with your tithe. As a reward for paying one of my bills, you will receive the right to purchase my yahoo messanger name***
***Wanna take me shopping? Send me an email & a tribute...and I will let you be on the phone for my next shopping trip. I will talk to you the whole time I try on shoes, look at watches, and buy new panties...and with your tribute money! How know you want to hear it*** This page will be updated soon...but in the mean time, give me tributes & buy me presents! I have my link to my amazon wish list below. If there is something you want to buy me that isn't on my list, email me, I will consider it.SPOIL ME NOW Buy me something off my wishlist : WISH LIST!
Warning...this is some serious financial play here...I'm greedy as hell. Only call me if you think you can handle my demands. If you have any general questions you may email me, but I will get back to you in my time. I recommend sending me a tribute or buying me a gift before your first call. Remember, its my world, you are here to make me smile. Kisses, Your Princess