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mistress zariah


Want to become My fem slut???     This could be you!   I am a expert in crossdressing fantasies...

  • Do you enjoy being the sexy exobitionist?
  • want your picture taken modeling?
  • videoed ?

During a feminaization session with Me, you feel yourself growing sexier,
more feminine, more free with each womanly item you slip into.
Each colorful cosmetic with which you adorn your subtle male features.

– Not so subtle anymore, are they? -

No, pretty not subtle at all. Everything about you now demands attention..
Forced Feminization...PIMPED OUT ON CRAIGS LIST AND OTHER PLACES IN YOUR AREA FROM A DISTANCE  Voluntary Feminization...  Which Will it Be?
And you’ll get it.  From anyone you want.
 Because you know what many men are afraid to know.
You know how to release your big, macho maleless, and let someone else take control.

" – You'll know how to take the erotic power of a woman, and make it your own.– "

Crossdressing and feminization fantasies are one way to escape the stress of being
a man, to indulge in a world of crossdressing sexiness...
I know that little secret too. I know you long to be My lesbian lover.
My irresistible temptresses. My insatiable doll who pretty themselves up for
My pleasure and their own. (Your own.)
Or maybe you're one of those sweet sexy girls who transforms into an insatiable
slut, ready to satisfy the horniest of lovers - of both genders.

I've been Feminizing Men for Five Years and Counting. I know exactly how to take full
advantage of your feminine sexiness and your feminization, crossdressing fantasies,
to guide you through the "Getting-pretty stages". To adore and applaud you as you
shimmy and shake and strut for me.
Come on, you know you want to show off that hot, femmy face, body and ass.
Why be selfish and share your gorgeous irresistibility with the mirror alone?

"- Share your transgender fantasies with me -"

I also love cross-dressing shopping sprees!  If you have one planned
for the near future, bring me along on the phone to help you choose the clothes,
items, and make up that will make you look your womanly best.
Enjoy the best of feminization!

Crossdressing is not just about Sexiness...

There's much more to being a woman than sexiness
(though we are definitely the sexier gender, aren't we?)
If you just want a female confidante to share your girlie side with, trade make up
and fashion tips, share your crossdressing secrets and just be able to be yourself,
you'll find me very "Crossdressing friendly" and a wonderful listener.

I love all kinds of femization, cross dressing fantasies, and girl-talk for the crossdresser.

-Feminization at its best -

I have a wide array of garments to choose from and accessories for all you slutty needs, real time and distance training

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