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Present your Princess with offerings

Present your Queen with offerings to show your devotion and affection. Bow down to Me and beg for the pleasure of serving Me. I am your Queen, your Mistress, your everything. Bow down to Me and beg for the pleasure of serving Me. I have always been a little bit snobby, and I'll admit it - I think very highly of Myself. You should, too. After all, I am young, beautiful, sexy, and I know how to get what I want from weak men. I don't think that makes Me a slut, I think it makes Me smart!

I bet you are dying to see more of Me. You really don't deserve it now. I am way out of your league...but I know you cant help yourself so here you go...
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8 bikini shots (including the two on this page)because you don't deserve to see Me naked!

No you may not cum to My photos! IF you intend on worshipping Me properly, call Me so I can guide your masterbation and make sure you stroke the right way. If you worship Her Highness properly, I may grant you permission to cum. If you worship Her Highness extraordinarily... I may invite you to My personal lair.

Yes, you read that right, I am looking for a new real time subbie. What do you have to offer? Do you know how to serve? Do you know how to treat a Princess right? Prove it to Me and you might be My next footstool.

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