Phone Sex

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Let me take your breath away

Where does one begin really, what do you say that no one else has said, re-said, and re-spun to make it different and unique - like a snowflake, a unique and beautiful snowflake. You are much to refined, much too knowledgable, much to educated in the ways of the world to fall for the same old trite and contrived introductions - we are both above that. Arn't we. So instead I will begin in the middle. I will talk to you as though we are life long old friends who know just about everything there is to know about each other, so what is the point of an introduction? We have much in common and we have loads of fun with each other in and out of the bedroom. We are who we are and we accept each other for all that we are. I dream and fantasize of you in the times when my mind is my own and not occupied with the frantic activities of life. Sometimes I have to force this issue, but I assure you that it comes easily. You watch the clock waiting for the time that you can jump on your phone and ring me up and live again. I lay in bed at night wondering if you will phone me soon. You lay in bed at night and wonder what I am doing, what I look like, can you get just one more picture of me and will that really be enough for you or will it only make you want more. I wonder what your wife/girlfriend/significant other would think if he/she knew that you and I talked. You wonder why such an amazing woman like me is single and could you ever say just the right thing in order to get me to meet you. I give you what you need and I give it good. You give me what I need and I adore you for it. Symbiotic comes to mind and that is just alright with me, but it is so much more. The deep dark night is reserved for people like us and we wrap the dark around us like a cloak of invisibilty. I have my phone next to me 24/7 and you fantasize about me 24/7 wondering what wicked words I will say to you the next time we chat. You lay next to your wife/girlfriend/significant other and cast a glance at her in the dark hoping that the vision you see will turn into that voice on the phone that makes you tingle with every nerve ending, every synapse, every electrical impulse in your body. The urges become to much, you want to touch her but you know you will be met with a cold mumble about how late it is and how she has to get up early and get the kids to school. You know this because it has happened so many times before that you can imagine right down to the last accent on the last syllable how the conversation would go. …but You know that I am there, just a phone call away, a hushed conversation in the dark as I sooth your bruised ego, I make you feel like a king of men, you feel like there is no one in the world as special as you, no one as manly and sexy as you, you feel wanted, you feel appreciated, you…feel. All this I do for you, and I mean every word, every thing, and you are hooked, addicted, destined to call back over and over even when you have sworn to yourself that you are going to stop and concentrate on the mess of a relationship you have right at the tips of your fingers. But you can’t, I am your drug of choice and I hold on with a firm grip. Come to me then, but do not expect me to let you off the hook, I will say all the right things, I will make you feel all the right things that make you ache with desire for me. I will fulfill all your wyldest dreams and help you go to places that you have been afraid to all these years. Vanilla becomes a full spectrum of vivid colours in the world that I create for you. Call me my darling and let me lead your mind into the deep dark places that your mind tucks into its corners and covers with cobwebs to hide from the glaring light of day, places that you want to explore, but know that you should not. Call me…….